Saturday, December 10, 2011

BEST SATURDAY EVER! (yet anyway)

Oh my gosh!!! Today was the very best Saturday ever!!! Or at least, the very best that we can remember (because let's face it, we're toddlers, and we have limited short-term memories). First of all, Daddy was home...all day! I know we saw him for just a short little bit on Thursday, but then he was gone again, so we were super excited to see him this morning when we woke up. Ella even did flips over him!

And today we finally got to wear our new shirts from Costa Rica. We really like them. if that all wasn't good enough...our friend Jude turned 1 yesterday, and today was his birthday party! We LOVE birthday parties because there's usually cake, and today was no exception. Jude's cake was yummy yummy delicious! And we had a really fun time playing with him and his friends.

Then, because we were so good at the party, and when Mommy and Daddy took us out to dinner, we got Oreos when we got home.

Shockingly, we really loved them...a lot. We hope everyone had as great a Saturday as we did! Happy 1st birthday Jude!

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