Thursday, December 8, 2011

Costa Rica

Late last night, Mommy and Daddy got back from spending 5 whole days away from us in Costa Rica. Want to know something? We didn't even notice they were gone! We had so much fun with Liz that we even almost forgot who Mommy and Daddy were! (Ok, not really) First, on Saturday, it snowed, and we got to go play in it! We were a little apprehensive, it was the very first time we'd been out in snow you see.

The jury is still out on our final thoughts regarding the whole snow thing...but we had a great time playing hoops together!

Then Liz gave us a bath and don't tell, but we like bathtime with her more than with Mommy. Liz lets us play and play and stupid Mommy says we have to get clean. Lame.

We also go to play in our room after bathtime.

Look how close I am to climbing up on the ottoman all by myself!

Sunday, we tried to drink all of Daddy's Diet Coke while he was gone.

We were unsuccessful. One of these days of these days. Monday, Ella wanted to do some reading, while I helped Liz make cookies.

We may have had slight attitude problems that affected the outcome of the cookies. We can't be perfect toddlers all the time. We did get to do some super fun ball pit playing with Liz.

We really like it when she plays with us. We also got lots of treats this cupcakes from Gramma Polly when she came over to play...

and pudding! Mommy and Daddy never give us pudding!

We really love spending time with Liz, but we were pretty glad this morning when Mommy and Daddy got us out of our cribs...and we can't wait to show you the shirts they brought us (Mommy says she bought them in the airport and needs to sanitize them before she'll let us wear them...dumb)!!

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