Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Weekend

Happy New Year! We had a pretty great weekend...want to hear about it? Ok! So Mommy's friend Rian came in town to visit us. Yep...US, not Mommy! We were pretty pumped to see her again. We met her last weekend in Scottsdale, and we really liked playing with her and kissing her then, but it was even more fun to have her in our house for a whole weekend! When she first got here, I made sure to sit on her lap and giver her lots of kisses so she knew I missed her.

Then she put on a pupped show for Ella.

Rian sure is entertaining. Then, when we weren't sitting on or snuggling with Rian or one of the many other people Mommy and Daddy had over for New Years Eve, we spent the weekend in our new lounge chairs. We LOVE them!

They were Hanukkah presents from Mommy and Daddy and shhhh...don't tell anyone, but we like them best! They fit us perfect with room to grow, and they're great for jumping and climbing. We hope everyone had as fun a weekend as we did. Happy 2012!

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