Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Today was pretty awesome because we got to go to our friend Ethan's birthday party...and you know how much we LOVE birthday parties! Want to know what made it even better? It was a My Gym! The same My Gym that me and Ella go for gym class! We're basically experts at gym class, so it was really fun to have a party there. First we did a little playing with Ethan because he's the birthday boy.

Then we got to play with these awesome bouncing beach balls that were hanging from the ceiling.

They were almost the most fun thing ever! We had to do a little skill practicing though too, to show off what we've been learning. So we made sure to walk along the beam,

and ride the teeter-totters.

We then got to do some ring playing.

Before we knew it, it was time for our favorite part of birthday parties...CAKE! Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy made us share our cake because it was so close to naptime...lame. Thanks for a great party Mr. and Mrs. Lieberman and Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

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