Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today was a very traumatic day...well, it was for Coopy and Mommy anyway. Today, we got our first haircuts. Me, Ella, I was great.

I was super good and I didn't even fuss or anything...but that was probably because I got to keep most of my curls. I am a girl you see, and it's ok for girls to have long hair. Coopy on the other hand had to have most of his curls cut off.

Clearly he didn't like it very much. But now you can tell that we're boy/girl twins, and not two girls.

I think his new look will help his chances with the ladies at gym class. I hope so anyway, it's hard being the only toddler in the family with any skills.


  1. Im sure it wasn't easy to cut the cute curls, but he's still just a cute!! Love it!

  2. Coop-it just shows how handsome you are!