Friday, February 24, 2012


Lately, Daddy's been spending a lot of time complaining about his elbow, so today he went and got it fixed. I think it was like the time I had to get my hernia fixed, except he didn't have to spend the night in the hospital. Anyway, we had to find something to do with Liz while Daddy and Mommy were at the surgery know, to keep her mind off of everything. She's such a worrier. Well, first we did some sitting in our Bilbo seats...they're super tippy and fun to rock in.

Then, Ella made sure to walk around the house in Mommy's slippers...just to keep them warm for her for when she got home.

Once Mommy and Daddy came home, we sent Mommy back to the store to get some special treats for Daddy to help him feel better faster. Or, at least that's what we told her. Really, we just wanted the treats all to ourselves! Good thing Mommy knows us so well and told Daddy he had to share, so for snack we got mini chocolate cupcakes.

They were super yummy, and we only had to pretend to share with Dad.

Then we did some climbing on Daddy and the couch, just to make sure he didn't feel left out.

He tried to steal my Thin Mint...I didn't let him though. Just because his elbow had to get fixed doesn't mean he gets to steal my cookies! We also made this awesome picture for Daddy.

We think our art will help him feel better the fastest.

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