Monday, March 11, 2013

Hamentaschen cookies

Even though Purim was a couple of weeks ago, we've been obsessed with Hamentaschen cookies.  And since Hamentaschen is a "tricky one" (sometimes, when I don't really want to try to say a hard word, I just say it's a tricky one...that usually gets me out of it) we decided it would be easier to call them "Hashen cookies."  Well anyway, Mommy finally got the recipe and we finally got to make them!  First I may have accidentally (on purpose) spilled some sugar, so Coopy and I had to pick it up.

Once it was all cleaned up, it was time to mix and roll out the dough.

Then, while we were waiting for the Hashen cookies to bake, I may have rubbed flour all over my face.

I think it's a pretty good look, don't you?  Our cookies turned out ok, but we'll have to practice before next Purim!

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