Friday, March 29, 2013

The Nebraska Report: Passover, presents and cousins

Me and Coopy have spent the last few days in Nebraska for Passover and some family birthdays.  It was a pretty fun trip.  We got to do lots of playing with Gramma, Pops and our cousins, and we got to visit the big big office a lot!  We got to town on Sunday, and Monday we had a ton of getting ready to do for our seder that night.  First I had to have Mommy paint my nails,

then we had to help Gramma make the desserts.  And by help, we clearly mean taste test the frosting.

It's a good thing Gramma likes frosting as much as we do...she didn't mind our "help" as much that way. :-)

Once all the preparations were done, it was time for seder.  But first, Gracie and I had to play together a bit.

The seder was pretty good.  Gramma and Uncle Arnie (with help from Maggie and Aunt Julie) did a great job on the food, and Pops (with help again from Maggie) was a great leader.  Me and Coopy were pretty into the story...mostly because Gramma picked out super fun haggadahs.

Once the seder was over, it was time to play and jump on Pops for a while.

And then we had to help Gracie open her birthday presents.  It's her 2nd birthday tomorrow you see.

We too tired for more playing after all that excitement, so it's a good thing that Aunt Julie brought Maggie and Gracie back over to play with us on Tuesday.  We took some fun pictures, and played lots.

Before we knew it, it was Wednesday and time for us to head to Lincoln to surprise Gramma Lea for her 80th birthday!  Stay tuned... ;-)

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