Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow day

Mommy woke us up this morning by telling us that we didn't have school today because it was our very first snow day.  At first we were a little confused.  I mean, usually when we don't have school it's because we're sick.  I made sure to have Mommy take my temperature, just to be sure that wasn't the reason.

Once I was sure I wasn't sick, and Mommy explained that a snow day meant it was a free day off from school because there was too much snow outside, (wouldn't it have been easier if she'd just explained that from the beginning instead of trying to get us excited about some obscure thing we toddlers don't know anything about?!), we got down to deciding what to do to make the day special.  First I decided to wear an extra special outfit,

and then I decided to give Mommy 5 minutes of me in pigtails.

I'm so extra adorable when I have piggies in my hair that I have to parcel out the cuteness so Mom doesn't explode from loving me so much.  Once Coopy showed off his super cute snow day outfit too,

it was time for me to melt Daddy's heart before he left by showing him that when I really want to be adorable and loving, I can turn it on.

Just so you know, the big kiss when combined with a "love you" often results in getting anything I want.  Anyway, once all the cuteness was taken care of, Coopy and I got down to our day.  I spent much of it looking at my outfit.

A girl's gotta look stylish you know.  Coopy spent the day driving around the house.

After a full day, we did some swimming in the tub.

After that, it was time for Coop to blow Mommy some kisses while I listened to a little ZBB on Daddy's iPad before bed.

I'd say it was a pretty good first snow day.  I wonder when we'll have another.

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