Monday, November 8, 2010

Eloise is taking over!

Hi's me, Eloise.

My friend Julia has her own blog, so I asked Mom if we could have our own blog. She said we already did, but that she and Daddy were the only ones that posted on it. I told her that was really dumb and if Cheeks can post on her own blog, then Coopy and I should be able to too. She said Cheeks is way older than me and Coopy and probably has more to say than us, but she'd let me try today. So here I go: Mommy said that if I post on the blog, I have to include lots of pictures because apparently she thinks we've grown so much. I tried to tell her I didn't want to, but she's making me anyway. Yesterday was my mommy's birthday. She got me and Coopy dressed up in real clothes (not comfy Sunday clothes, like jammies), and took tons of pictures. She said that for her birthday we had to be good and smile for lots of pictures and then we'd get some cake. We're still waiting for the cake...I can't wait until I get teeth.

Today me and Coopy had to get shots. The nurse came to our house and everything! We got weighed and Coopy weighs 12lbs 3ozs!!! I'm much lighter...I only weigh 12lbs 2ozs. The shot hurt...a lot, but Mommy is taking good care of us.


  1. Thank you Ella for posting on your blog. We hardly ever see anything from your parents. I hope that you and Coop keep us informed and post the wonderful pictures so we can see how big you are getting. We can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving. Love you all!!!

  2. what a big girl you are Eloise!! I'm sooo happy that you and Cooper have your own blog now. We'd so much rather hear how things are going from you and Cooper than your mommy and daddy! Your outfits for your mommy's bday were very cute!! It was very nice to spend some time with you both this weekend and Caddie, too!! I made her cupcakes and she doesn't like to share them, but I promise i will make them for the 2 of you!! Thank you for letting your mommy take the great pictures of you.

  3. Nice work, Ella! I knew our 2 am chats about blogging would pay off. I hope we can play soon. My mom has a cold (again) - I told her to drink breastmilk to stay healthy but she thinks I'm nuts. As soon as she's not sniffly I'll have her call your mom and we can play.

    Love, Julia