Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lunch date

Today me and Coopy had our first lunch date. I think it was appropriate, as we are 5 months old. I was a good girl at lunch. Since I'm the oldest, I set a good example for my friends Mikaia and Lola by sleeping and being my generally calm and well behaved self. Because I was so good, Mommy took me out of my car seat and let me show everyone how good of a sitter I am. It was pretty amazing. Mommy had high hopes for Coopy. Since he was the only boy at lunch, Mommy thought he'd be on his best behavior so he could impress the ladies. Mommy was very wrong. Coopy was very naughty at lunch...he screamed and screamed and I don't think the girls liked him very much. Maybe that's why he was so sad.

Anyway...when we came home we were both so tired from lunch that we napped...hard. Obviously being a good example takes a lot of hard work, and I guess in Coopy's case screaming is really tiring.

Then when Daddy came home, he praised me for being such a good girl at's hard to be perfect like me Eloise.

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  1. did all your friends like your cute tutu??? i can already see you, Eloise taking charge at the Plaza Hotel in NY...just like the original Eloise. i bet even though Cooper was screaming his head off that you were all the cutest babies at lunch!!