Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snow-namis and other weekend adventures

Hi's me Coopy. I've had it pretty rough today, so Mommy said she'd let me write the blog post for the weekend. First of all guys, it snowed yesterday...a lot. Now I don't really know what snow is, and Mommy said that me and Ella couldn't go play in it because we were too small, but it sure looked like fun. Mommy said that even though we couldn't go outside, she'd still dress us up like snow bears...I'm not sure it was quite the same thing.

Daddy was pretty lucky yesterday because he got to spend the whole day playing in the snow! He'll probably tell you that he was working, and not having fun, but I don't believe him because every time he came inside he looked like he'd been playing really hard! I think Daddy felt bad for us not being able to play with the snow, so he got us new playmats. Ella really liked hers.

Sometimes she gets so worn out from playing, she just falls asleep...but not very often.

Me, Coopy...I'm not too sold on mine yet.

But I did get to lay around without pants on yesterday...that basically made up for the not being able to play in the snow and stuff. Pretty much, I love laying around with no pants on.

Today we got to be monsters. It was pretty awesome.

I thought we looked pretty cute, but Daddy got so scared that he tried to cook me!!

Good thing Mommy was there to save me and put me in my swing.

I think the only reason Daddy didn't try to cook Ella too was because she was napping...even monsters have to sleep sometime.

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  1. OMG Ella, I am totally getting that monster suit too! We can be twins! Umm, except you already have a twin. We can be triplets?

    Love, Julia