Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hi guys. We've been so busy growing and playing, that we've totally forgotten about blogging. Sitting at the computer isn't nearly as fun as playing with all our fun toys. To catch you all up, we turned 6 months old last weekend, and today we had to get shots. Ella screamed, but me Coopy, I was a good boy. I only fussed a little. The doctor said we looked real good and we were growing real good and stuff. Know what? Me and Ella, we now weigh 14.5lbs each! We're so big!

Other than the doctor, we've been doing lots of playing. Uncle Evan and Aunt Amy got us this super cool jumper that Mommy and Daddy finally got around to putting together.'d think they could've done it sooner, it's not like they're busy or anything! Anyway, me and Ella, we really like it. Sometimes we fight over who gets to be in it...usually I win.

Last weekend we were supposed to go to Millie, Bennett, Blaise and Brenden's Christmas party but there was a blizzard, so we stayed home instead. Staying home kind of sucked.

But Daddy made it all better when we read the paper together. I read the comics...that "Baby Blues" is so funny!

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