Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a busy week it's been!

Hi everyone! We hope you all had a fabulous "Jeff Day", Thanksgiving, Black Friday, football filled weekend, Cyber Monday and first night of Hanukkah...we know we sure did! We've been so busy that we haven't had a chance to blog about any of the super cool stuff we got to do. First of all, me and Coopy, we had our first trip to Norfolk this past week. That's where our Daddy is from, and that's where Pops, Gramma, Uncle Arnie, Aunt Julie and Maggie live. It was pretty great to visit. We got to go to Pops' office and visit and show off...maybe one day we can work next to Pops just like our daddy and Uncle Arnie do. Pops let me and Coopy sit in his chair. It's a good thing we dressed up for work...we had lots to do!

The next day was Thanksgiving and boy oh boy was that fun! Mom made us wear these ridiculous bibs and matching outfits, and she took tons and tons of pictures.

Posing for pictures sure makes me sleepy.

Friday, me and Coopy got to go to our very first Husker game! It was so much fun! We got to sit in the skybox, and Mommy and Daddy carried us around in our bjorns the whole game. And we got to cheer and signal touchdowns and everything. I think since the Huskers won, me and Coopy must be good luck so we should get to be at every game.

Coopy and Daddy were so tired after the game, that they spent the rest of the weekend on the couch.

Me Ella, I learned a new skill. I'm sure Mommy and Daddy are so proud!

It's good to be home, but we loved spending time with Gramma and Pops, just hanging out.

Since Mommy and Daddy are a little behind on all the pictures they took, maybe they'll post our Hanukkah pictures later this weekend.

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  1. What a wonderful weekend. It looks like Dick is beaming in the first picture. All of the children look wonderful and the adults don't look so bad either. Love, Barb/Aunt Barb/Great Aunt Barb