Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boys drool

Yep Coopy...I'm talking about you. Since you called me stupid, I'm going to show off all the new tricks I'VE learned and not tell anyone about anything good YOU did. So ha!

So...since I'm the bestest baby that ever there was (just ask my mommy and daddy...they tell me that every day!), I've learned lots of new tricks to show off how bestest I am. Like splashing in the tub. I really like doing that, but I won't let Mommy take any pictures. And I can sleep sideways in my crib and that's lots of fun.

Also, I'm learning how to be just like my Papa and sleep sitting up. You think maybe we'll get to do that together when he comes to visit me this weekend?

And just because I'm so cute (again...my daddy tells me that every day), I'm getting really good at smiling...especially with my tongue out.

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