Monday, January 10, 2011

New tricks

Hi guys, it's me Coopy. I've learned some new tricks in the last few looking really grumpy when I don't want my picture taken.

And how to high five my daddy (we practice that a lot...Daddy likes to high five).

I also got to practice some stuff I already know how to do, like sit at the table while Mommy and Daddy eat dinner and play with my toys.
I'm better at it than Ella, see?

Sometimes Ella gets confused when she plays with toys like this one. She thought it belonged over her face...she was wrong. Girls are so stupid!

Me and Ella, we also got to try some yummy rice cereal over the weekend. It was pretty much the greatest thing ever! We didn't really like the taste, but we sure do like how it runs down our chins!

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