Friday, January 28, 2011

New tricks and stuff

I know Coopy keeps telling everyone that we're getting bigger so there's lots of new stuff we're doing. Well, now it's my turn to show off what we're doing...and let me tell you, we do a lot! First of all, we like to sit in our Bumbos when we're home alone with Mommy. That way she can play with us both. We get to sing and play music and play with toys and's pretty awesome.

And Coopy's been working on some new skills. Sometimes he fills in for Daddy doing work and stuff. He likes to brag that he's a really hard worker, but mostly he just sits at Daddy's computer for a few hours and drools and then he takes a nap. That doesn't sound too hard to me.

Coopy's also moving around a lot. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy leave him on the floor in one spot, and he moves to another. It's pretty silly to watch. Like yesterday: he started here...

and he moved to here...

and here.

Then me Ella, I'm not quite as much of a mover as Coopy is...but I sure do like to stand!!!

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  1. I know they're getting older, but I just keep thinking of them as newborns. Maybe if we finally got together I'd get over that! I know this week is my fault. Work got crazy and I didn't call! But let's try and play next week!!