Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gramma and Pops!

We spent most of the weekend pretty bummed that Daddy couldn't pick us up, and that we had to be gentle when playing with him. So imagine our surprise when we woke up from naps on Monday and Gramma Betti was here to play with us! We were so excited! We didn't have to be gentle or anything and we had a whole new audience to show off all our skills for. We made sure to ham it up during meals and snack, especially when we had chocolate cupcakes.

We also made sure to snuggle with Gramma lots and lots...and we even entertained her by giving each other kisses.

Apparently our kissing skills need work so Gramma doesn't laugh at us. Then last night, Pops came in town. Me, Ella, I was a little hesitant at first, but Coop decided right away that he was going to be Pops' best friend.

Then this morning, before they left, we decided to be extra cooperative and pose for a few pictures.

I don't know about Gramma...but she sure tired me out!

Thanks for a great visit!

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