Thursday, March 29, 2012


Since me and Ella are getting older, Mommy thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a rundown of what we do all day. We're very busy toddlers you see. First thing after we get up and have our (non-chocolate but still brown with prune juice) bottles, we have to wave at the neighborhood.

Sometimes our neighbors need a smile when they're walking their dogs or going off to school...we like to make that happen. Then I usually walk around in Daddy's sandals for a while, you know, to figure out what weird thing I'm going to make him do once he gets home.

Then I usually try to kiss the dog a bunch.

She's not very fond of that. And when I'm busy annoying the dog, Ella's usually getting her hair done and then humoring Mom when she takes a million pictures of her in piggies...yet again.

Then we do some teeter tottering.

Before we know it, it's time for our pre-nap of our favorite times of the day.

After we nap, have snack, and run with Mom, we play outside.

Then, on really awesome days, we get to have bathtime! But guess what comes before bathtime...NAKED PLAY TIME! Apparently Daddy's relaxed rules on clothing have worn off on Mommy because she's starting to let us play with less and less clothes on with each pre-bath time.

Tonight, Ella decided to show off her naked hoops skills.

Then, after checking out Daddy's office for awesome stuff (while completely naked mind you), we play in the tub and fight Mommy off when she tries to clean us.

Once we're clean and dry and dressed, it's time to play a little more before bed. Phew! Well, that's our day. Think you can keep up?

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