Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When the mommy is away...

...the toddlers (and the daddy) will play! Mommy spent the past weekend in New York with Aunt Sue, cousin Ashley, cousin Vicki, and Gramma Polly celebrating Gramma's birthday. At first, I was a little confused about why I wasn't included. I mean, Daddy kept saying Mommy was spending the weekend with "the girls" and I was all "But I'm a girl...what about me, Ella?" Well...I quickly established that even though I could've been included, I'm glad I wasn't! Staying home with Daddy in charge is so much fun! Did you know that we finally got to play with all of his Kwik Trip cups?

We call them "gop" and they're so much fun! We fill them up and dump them out and hit each other with them and fight over them. It's a good thing Daddy goes to KT so often...that way we'll never have a shortage. AND, did you know that when Daddy's in charge, pants and shirts are optional?

For once I didn't get told that "shirts stay on" when I decided that I no longer wanted to wear clothes. Coop took advantage of Daddy's slightly more relaxed views on clothing necessity and spent much of the weekend without pants.

We may love Mommy...but the house sure seems a little more fun when Daddy makes the rules.

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