Monday, April 9, 2012


Well...our marathon weekend in Albuquerque for Passover is over, and we only have one thing to say: Passover Shmassover...WE GOT TO GO TO THE ZOO! It was amazing! See, here's the thing - our seder was Friday night, on the first night of Passover. And while that wouldn't have normally been problem, it kind of was for us since we didn't exactly have a stellar flight or a very good nap. By the time we were supposed to sit down for the start of Seder, we were ready to melt, so Mommy and Daddy got us some food, took us back to our room, and we passed out! We looked cute though, despite the grumps.

And it was a good thing we had a great night of sleep, because Saturday was zoo day! I made some questionable fashion choices first thing in the morning,

and then we had to watch Daddy shower,

but when we were done with that and our mega excellent breakfasts...then it was time for the zoo! We got there first, before Gramma and Pops, so we checked out the flamingos and the gorillas.

We were less than impressed. But then when Gramma and Pops got there we had a ton more fun! We showed them the rhinos and zebras, and all the other animals.

And Coopy entertained Pops when he got a little fussy.

We didn't ever want to leave, but Mommy said that we had to take naps so we would be ready to play later with Gabi and Mina and the rest of the family at Aunt Gwenn's house that night. So after excellent 3.5 hour naps and frozen yogurt for snack with Gramma, we took over the Burney house! We did tons of playing,

and Coopy did some good snuggling with Aunt Amy while I mugged for the camera.

By the time we got to the airport yesterday (after Happy Meals for lunch, of course), I was ready for a nap.

It's a good thing Mommy's got such a comfortable lap. We barely got home before I was ready to leave again...where are we going on our next trip?

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