Monday, April 23, 2012


It's been a while since we showed off all of our new stuff. I'd like to think it's because now that we're almost two, we're learning how to be humble. More than likely however it's just because we've been so busy doing stuff that we forget what's new and what's not! But I digress. Want to know our favorite new thing to do? Play with bubbles.

They're awesome! We can even say "bubbles", but it usually sounds like "bubbah". I guess it's a good thing Uncle Evan doesn't live here because I bet he'd get really confused! :-) Want to know what else is new? My teeth!

I've got two new ones (finally I'm catching up with Ella!). They're on the bottom, and the one on my right has already poked through while the one on my left is almost there. Want to know the last thing that's new? Most of our spring clothes...

but I think Mommy needs to work on getting us the right sizes!

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