Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 1

Today, Daddy left for Atlanta. He said it was for work..."Customer Relations" he called it. Mommy said it was an excuse to spend time with Mr. Rick and Mr. Curt, and to get a mid-week break from us. It's not like we mind really, I mean, Daddy's really been bugging us lately anyway and spending time with the guys talking steel doesn't really rate high on our fun scale just yet. We figure we've got at least until we're 2 before we have to start learning "the business". But when Daddy said he was going to go to a baseball game, AND he was going to see Aunt Amy and Uncle Evan, AND he was going to meet Bella...we got pretty jealous. So we decided to get back at him by having a super fun time without him. First, we did some awesome playing at gym class.

Then I decided to literally sing for my supper (or lunch in this case).

Then Coopy decided to perform some awesome shirt skills during naptime.

I'm not too sure how he accomplished keeping his arm in his sleep sack but out of his shirt but I can't wait for him to teach me! Then we had a mega awesome dinner! Mommy made us mac 'n cheese muffin cups and hot dogs and fruit and veggies and water and we even got a Thin Mint for dessert! AND we worked on our fork skills.

Clearly I'm superior to Coopy. And the best part? Even though Daddy's not home, we still got to spend the evening half naked.

I bet tomorrow we'll have even more fun!

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