Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today is our Uncle Evan's birthday, and we're super excited because we get to see him on Friday. And it's a good thing too because we have SO many birthday treats in our house! First, Mommy bought us cookies (because it's been too nice to bake), then Liz made us cupcakes AND Gramma Polly bought us cupcakes. At first we were all, "Hey this is great!" but then we realized that treats with lots of frosting don't really travel well...so we decided to eat them...all.

But we did it in Uncle Evan's honor, and we had them after taking pretty excellent naps. Happy Birthday Uncle Evan!

It's a good thing it's been really nice out today, because after our mega sugary snack and a run with Mom, we had TONS of energy! So we decided to do some much needed playing outside.

We also made sure to mix in a little puppy taunting too.

Sometimes she can't be trusted outside, so we like to make sure she knows all the fun she's missing out on.

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