Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Wanna know what's awesome?  Halloween.  It's AMAZING!  We started the day with treat bags from Liz filled with awesome stuff like watercolor paints and fart goop.  We decided to combine the two and paint our goop.

Pretty good idea huh?  Then it was time for us to test out our costumes before tonight's big show. we may have had to be bribed at first, but that's only because Mommy picked out our costumes this year without even asking what we wanted to be!  It all turned out ok though because basically we looked adorable.  Anyway, then it was time for dinner and finally we got to go out trick-or-treating!  First we had to take a picture with Max,

then it was time to hit the road!  Ella wasn't too keen on sticking her hands into the candy bowls our neighbors had out, but I dove right in.

Once we'd exhausted ourselves running from house to house, and I got sick of hearing Ella say "more candy" over and over and over, it was time to come home and break into our loot.

(And happy birthday Aunt Yo!  We love you!)

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