Sunday, October 14, 2012


Coopy and I have never really been big fans of anything too itchy, scratchy, poky, gritty, rough, or just generally yucky feeling.  But today we found something lurking in the neighbors' yard that was too tempting to pass up.  See, I was just outside coloring with chalk on the driveway and asking for Baby Mimi, when Mommy pointed out these big piles of leaves in Mimi's front yard.  I figured I may as well check them out...I mean, if for some strange reason I actually liked them and decided to play in them, maybe Mimi would see just how much fun I was having and she'd wake up from her stupid baby nap and come outside too.  Well the waking up never happened, but boy oh boy did Coopy and I have fun!  After I trudged through a few piles,

Daddy suggested raking a few of the smaller ones into one big one ideal for playing in.  Coopy and I may have had a little disagreement on who should get to actually do the raking.

Clearly, Mommy's lack of interest in anything resembling yard work and outdoor chores has yet to rub off on me.  Anyway, once the pile was big enough, I did some posing, tossing and playing, while Coopy kept raking up my mess.

However, once he saw just how big a job it was going to be continually picking up after me, he enlisted Max's help.

I mean, we were kind of playing in his yard anyway, so I guess good manners dictates that we had to invite him to play.  It was pretty ok that Max came out to join us though, because he just got this awesome tractor, and he was nice enough to share with Coopy and me.

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I can get a little possessive, even over things that don't exactly belong to me.  So when Max decided I'd spent enough time playing with his tractor, to distract me, Mommy decided it'd be a good idea to throw me in the leaves.

I was less than impressed.  But I got her back.

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