Friday, August 6, 2010

8 weeks old!

I think this picture says it all. Thank you cousin Gabi!

Today was another great day to be a Robinson baby. It took him a while, but Cooper finally decided that bottle time with Mama was not the time to be playing games but the time to be eating. He must be getting his food from somewhere, even with his game playing, because he's quickly gaining on his sister. He now weighs 4lb 11.5oz, a HUGE gain from the last few days. I think most importantly to him, he's now cannula free! Our little Cooper is no longer getting any pressure assistance to help him breathe. Eloise also had a good day. She got a snuggle with both Mommy and Daddy, and is still doing a great job on her feedings.

Our friends Dan and Sarah Arnold are in town from Nebraska this weekend, and while they're not the first of our friends to meet the babies, they are the first to hold them! Coop used his big blue eyes to charm Sarah today, and I'm sure Ella can't wait to snuggle with Dan. Caddie, however, is not too fond of Dan. As I've been typing this update, Caddie has been barking at him...from all over the house. She won't even come near Jeff if he's in the same room! We're glad we've got some friends in town this weekend because it's hard not to be with the Pitlor side of the family at Ben's bar mitzvah. Have a great weekend everyone! We're there in spirit, and good luck Benny! We'll be thinking of you!

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