Saturday, August 14, 2010

A quiet, Daddy filled Saturday

While I was in and out of the hospital today, the babies spent most of their day with the Dad-man. While it may not last, Cooper finally weighs more than Eloise again, although I think she looks bigger than he does. I think that's because she likes to stretch out as long as she can, while Coop likes to be curled up. Both babies got some quality snuggle and bottle time with Jeff and they did pretty well. Hopefully they're starting to get the hang of this whole eating from a bottle thing again. One of our old NICU nurses came by for a visit today, and she mentioned how different and bigger the babies looked. Sometimes Jeff and I have to step back and remember that they are growing and changing every day, even if we don't always see it.

It was bath day for Coop, but I don't think he'll be fighting for the hot water once he gets older. He was not a very happy camper! I'm not sure who's child he is because it's no secret that both Jeff and I like long showers. Coop was much happier when we took him out, wrapped him up, and took him for another stroll down the unit. It's those little tastes of freedom that I hope motivate him to get home quicker. :-)

Eloise had a more mellow day. She did some good bottling for the nurse and for Jeff, and then spent the rest of the day sleeping. I know babies need sleep, but lately Eloise has been making a very "Jeff-like" noise while she's been asleep. I wouldn't call it snoring, but she sounds like an old creaky door...sometimes it's so loud I'm surprised she doesn't wake herself up!

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