Friday, August 27, 2010

Snip snip!

What a great day to be Eloise...and a really crappy day to be Cooper. Our little man was circumcised this morning, and I'm pretty sure it was traumatic for all parties involved, other than the doctor of course. Jeff and I were not allowed in the procedure room, but we were able to have our Rabbis come and say some blessings beforehand. As you can imagine, he has been the opposite of a happy camper since it happened! He's been very owly, but it's been nice for Jeff and I to be able to comfort him.

Fortunately, Eloise has been pretty low maintenance in Coopy's time of need. She spent much of the day loudly sleeping in her crib. She did some snuggling with Mom and Dad, but I think she was ok with letting Coopy be the center of attention. I guess she knows her time as princess is yet to come :-)

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  1. Does that mean Papa doesn't have to lay on the cold tile floor for a bris? He has been known to do this...Namings are sooo much easier!