Sunday, August 8, 2010

PHEW!! What a weekend!

I think all the Minneapolis Robinsons could use another weekend to recover from the one we just had! As we've said, Jeff and I had friends, Dan and Sara Arnold, in town from Nebraska for the weekend, and we also had David and Jenny Branstad and Bob Bamsey over for dinner and to break in our new fire pit last night, and I think entertaining really took it out of all of us! :-) Caddie spent the entire day asleep somewhere in the least I'm assuming that's what she did because that's all she's done since I've been home. I think while she's glad to have her house back, the babies however, miss all the company.

Cooper was a littly grump-a-potamus today! I think he was hoping Sarah would hold him again because every time we had him out, he just kept looking around to see who else was there! I did get a taste of what it'll be like to have them home however, and I think I need to start practicing multi-tasking even more than I already do! Coop was crying and couldn't (or wouldn't) calm down so I picked him up for a snuggle. Not only did it take him a while to calm down, but just as I got him to sleep, Ella started fussing. Then every time I snuggled with one of them, the other would get jealous and need attention. Oh I can only imagine what it'll be like when the dog is running between them too!

I think all the visitors got to Eloise more than they did Cooper, because she was one sleepy baby today! Other than eating and when she was getting a change of clothes, she was asleep. And if she could've found a way to sleep through both of those things, I think she would've.

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  1. Entertaining is hard work!! i bet you ALL will sleep soundly tonight! Sweet dreams and thanks for sharing the pictures.....the picture of Cooper yawning reminds me of one of my favorites of you. wish i knew how to scan it to share with everyone