Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another hot one...

At least we had a reason for one grumpy baby today other than the heat. Cooper had another eye exam today and though his eyes are still immature, they're in Stage 3, which is I believe one step below mature. Because of his exam, he was a little sleepier and grumpier than normal. Eloise was just grumpy for no reason, though she too slept most of the day. She did spend some time snuggled with me, and I like to think that that really helped her case of the grumps.

Both babies are having difficulty bottle feeding here lately, which is frustrating for all parties involved. It's so hard to see them so hungry, but not able to figure out how to get the food the way we're offering it to them. We know they can do is, as they've done it before, but lately they've been having a hard time coordinating breathing and eating. We know we have to be patient with them, but it's been difficult for us to see them doing so well, and then seeming to forget what they can do and then having to start back at square one. Hopefully we'll get them back on track here soon. Stay cool everyone and happy one month birthday Gabriel! :-)

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  1. Dear Coop and Ella,

    I, too, struggle with simultaneous eating and breathing. This stuff is not easy! Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    In solidarity, your cousin,