Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A double 5lb Tuesday

Eloise being 5lbs is old news. What makes this a double 5lb day is that Cooper finally hit the 5lb mark! Not only that, but he's now within half an ounce of his baby sister! Ella weighed in at 5lbs 2oz, while Coop was 5lbs 1.5oz. Along with gaining weight, they're also starting to grow out of preemie clothes! I don't have their measurements, but most of the clothes they're wearing now are newborn sizes, even though they're still a little big.

Ella got a bath and all new bedding today. She also got some good snuggle time with Mama while she had a bottle. I think Eloise was jealous last week when I said that Coop wanted to be a male model just like Zoolander, because apparently now she's also attempting to perfect her own "Blue Steel".

Cooper spent most of the day snoozing, which was a nice change as he's usually the baby that's awake. He must have "Daddy radar" however because as soon as Jeff walked in this afternoon he got fussy and would only calm down if he was face planted into Jeff's chest.


  1. The picture is not really clear, but Cooper's onesie says "Automatic Sprinkler"

  2. yay to 5lbs!!!! these are the cutest pictures so thank you for sharing them with us!!