Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Sunday in pictures...

There isn't a whole lot to say about today that the pictures we took can't say better. Eloise got her first bath and really seemed to enjoy it. :-) Cooper got his first bottle and wow was he a happy camper! His daddy fed him and he was bright eyed for most of it. He also let out a nice loud burp for Jeff before falling asleep on his chest. :-) We hope you enjoy the pictures of our day as much as we enjoyed doing it all!


  1. it was a great day to be a gramma...i got to watch as Eloise got her first bath from her mommy and daddy, followed by a bottle from her mommy, and then a bit of a gramma cuddle. As Eloise slept, I then got to watch her daddy give Cooper his first bottle. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more!! The pictures say it all....these babies are doing sooo well!!

  2. No joke, Jake was about 8 months old before he had that much hair. Great to see them thriving :)

  3. The babies are doing so well. It's great to see all the pictures! How wonderful that they get to spend time with grammas and grandpas. One day they look like Jeff and the next it seems they look like Zoe. A great combination of Krinsky and Robinson.