Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is it the "terrible twos" or the "terrible two months"?!

Wow did we have some grumpy babies today! It's been so hot and humid for the past week or so, and I think not only is it starting to get to the adults, but our bitty babies are feeling the effects of it too. :-( Other than a huge shared case of the grumps and lots of crying, the babies had a pretty good day.

Eloise is now working on bottling all of her feedings, and once she can do that consistently she gets to move onto the last step which is basically feeding on demand. Pretty much that means she acts like a regular, term baby and eats when she's hungry and sleeps when she's not. Cooper is a bit farther behind on his bottling. Like his daddy, he's a messy eater and doesn't always coordinate eating and breathing all that well. He's getting better, but he still has some work to do before he catches up to baby sister. He also had to go back on the nasal cannula although he's really just getting a bit of pressure to remind him he has to breathe while he eats, and not just eat as fast as he can.

Both babies got to celebrate their two month birthday by coming out for double holds with both Jeff and me. They each had time alone with both of us, and they also got time together with each of us too! I think Eloise liked it best of all. She's typically a calmer baby, and so far she doesn't need us to hold and comfort her as much as Coop does. So as soon as she came out, she promptly snuggled right into our chests and fell asleep. :-)


  1. TWO MONTHS!!!!!!! wow!! and what a great way to celebrate by double holds!! those pictures are priceless and what a great looking family!!

  2. What wonderful pictures. Thanks again for sharing every day. By the way, this blog site is addicting.