Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday and Daddy's home!

The only problem with the babies having been so good while Jeff was gone is that I never got the opportunity to say "just wait until your dad gets home!" I'm sure that chance will come...probably more than once. :-)

Our babies had another good day. Eloise took at least two full bottles, one for Jeff and one for me. Cooper was fed by both Jeff and I as well, but he was not the rockstar he was yesterday. He did get more bottles than yesterday, and hopefully he can continue at this pace. Other than some good feedings, the babies had a quiet day. I think both are starting to harbor some thoughts of becoming models when they get older thanks to all the pictures we've been taking. The best part is that if you catch Coop at the right moment, he looks like he's practicing his own version of Blue Steel. :-)


  1. oh my goodness....those outfits are so fabulous and these are truly THE MOST adorable babies!!! The pictures just made me smile and giggle!!

  2. Blue Steel huh? LOVE IT! Maybe Cooplander rather than Zoolander?