Thursday, August 5, 2010

A trouble-makin' Thursday

This shouldn't surprise anyone, but our little boy is a little trouble maker! Today was the second day in a row where Cooper thought bottle feeding with Mommy was play time. Today he pretended to be asleep through the first part of his feeding, and then just played with the bottle and nipple, rather than eat anything from it. How do I know he was pretending? Because I caught him: his eyes were closed, so I was giving him a break, and I looked up at Eloise to see what she was making noise about. When I turned back to Coop, he had one eye half open and when he saw me looking he quickly shut his eyes tight and turned his head away! If that wasn't bad enough, while Jeff was holding him, he realized he can spit his pacifier out and it'll fly up in the air and then fall on the floor. Oh I can only imagine what's to come! :-)

Eloise was much more subdued today. I'm sure she would've been more than happy to join in on her brother's misbehaving, but she got her eyes examined and that made her sleepy and grumpy. Her eyes are still immature, but the doctor is not seeing anything of concern. I bet tomorrow she'll be back to being her normal self and she'll be all ready to join in any trouble Coopy starts, or she just might start some herself! :-)


  1. I have a hard time believing that my brother's little boy could be a trouble maker.

  2. Zoe, great updates. Can you please keep these up until the twins leave for college? Thank you.