Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Wednesday update

It was another quiet day to be a Robinson baby, but with each quiet baby day comes a slightly busier parent day. With both babies getting bottles now, I (and when he's there in the late afternoons, Jeff) have more "responsibilities"...or at least more things we can participate in. It's nice to actually start to feel like a parent, instead of just the diaper changer while the nurses did everything else. :-)

Both Cooper and Eloise are still increasing the number of bottles they get a day. Ella is up to 4, while Coop is one behind at 3. Both babies also got a decrease in the pressure they're receiving on their cannulas. Coop is now at 1/8th of a liter, while Ella is at 1/4. We can also tell that they really are starting to put on weight since their cannulas don't fall out of their noses as much with the smallest movements of their heads. It seems like they're starting to get chubby little cheeks to help hold them in, although the cheeks don't really stop them from still pulling the dang thing out! :-)

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