Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our first ICC Saturday

The babies had a pretty fantastic Saturday. Both are doing well at keeping their temperatures up, even with Jeff and I taking them out of their criblettes on our whims. :-) Both are also steadily gaining weight and continuing to do well on their growing feedings.

Eloise got her first bottle from Daddy today, and she actually drank the whole thing! She's only done that one other time, and it was with a nurse. I have to say, seeing her do that with him definitely got my competitive side going...maybe tomorrow we'll see if she can do two full bottles two feedings in a row with me! :-) Ella's pressure was also decreased on the cannula from a full liter to a half liter.

Cooper spent much of the day asleep. Like with Ella, the pressure on his cannula was decreased from a half to a quarter of a liter. He finally reached full feedings, and seems like a happy little camper now that his belly is getting filled.

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  1. It sounds like a fantastic and boring day to me. We already miss you guys.OXXOXOOXXO