Friday, July 2, 2010

3 weeks old...

So as not to bother and stress Little Miss Eloise, today was mostly all about Coop. Fortunately he's still living in "calm land" and being weened even more on his cannula. He's also getting close to being able to regulate his own temperature, and not have his bed do it for him. Cooper also got to get dressed for the first time today! Lucky for him, I'd already gotten him (and his sister too, although she's a few days away from being able to get dressed) his first outfit. :-) Jeff did want to point out, however, that I shouldn't put Cooper's pants on him because "what boy likes to lay around in pants?" In the end, I think he looked beyond adorable, even without his bottoms. He should be able to get dressed most, if not every day from now on. Just one more step in the direction of getting bigger and stronger.

Ella, while still on the ventilator, is starting to make small improvements. Her chest x-rays are looking better and better, and she's getting less and less oxygen and pressure from her machines. We don't want to push her too hard, too fast, but a calm weekend should do her well.

Jeff's buddy Jason Topp stopped by, and although I wasn't in the "boys club" room, I'm pretty sure Cooper was fit for his first set of golf clubs. I also over heard Jeff and Jason talking about Coop's grip on the clubs. Gramma Polly also stopped by in time to see Coop get a double hold from Mommy and Daddy.

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  1. cooper was just adorable and looks fabulous in his new outfit!! when he opens his eyes for some reason, MY eyes fill with tears. miss eloise just chilled and i am sure she will look sooo adorable in her new outfit too!! gramma polly