Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday's update

Yet another boring baby day in the NICU. Both babies slept for most of the day, and the doctor (for one of the first times ever) didn't make a single change to either baby.

Gramma Polly came by to hold Eloise which I'm sure was nice for both of them. She seems to be happy with the bolus feeds and hopefully she'll start to chunk up quickly!

Cooper's been our boring baby for a while now, and we couldn't be more pleased with that. He and I had what I thought would be a nice snuggle today, but apparently he had other ideas. Along with sleeping away his Tuesday, Coop also had an off and on case of the hiccups. Well, I guess hiccups, bolus feedings and snuggle time with Mama don't really mix. Coop decided that his afternoon snack needed to make a repeat appearance...all over himself and his blanket...while we were snuggling. If we weren't already certain that Coop resembled his Daddy, his puking abilities would put it over the top! Here's to hoping he doesn't find a corner with a plant to use when he gets older!


  1. it was WONDERFUL for me so i hope Eloise enjoyed it as much as i did!!

  2. Cooper is his father's son. Remind me to tell you more stories about Jeff so that you will be better prepared for life with Cooper. I'm sure that Miss Ella will also have her moments. Enjoy the boring it won't last for very long.XOXOOXXOXOXOXO