Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

It's too bad the NICU doesn't have any 4th of July themed micro-preemie outfits, because that would've made for some cute pictures. As it was, it's been a pretty good first 4th for these babies.

Eloise continues to make small improvements, although it's probably going to be a slow road to get back to where she was. She's still tolerating her feedings well and is finally starting to look as big as her brother.

Cooper is still living in calm land, and we're all pretty content to leave him there, especially since he continues to improve and grow. The bolus feedings are continuing to go well, and it seemed that today he started to fuss and wake up a bit as it was getting to be feeding time. Clearly he takes after his Daddy. :-) Both Jeff and I "kangaroo" held Coop today, which just means that we held him skin-to-skin against our chests. During my hold with him, Coop lifted his head a few times and tried to look around. With Jeff, Coop actually turned his head from side to side trying to get comfortable! He's becoming way too cute for words.

Happy 4th of July from the Minneapolis Robinsons! (Caddie the "unhappy because there are fireworks" puppy included)

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