Friday, July 16, 2010

5 weeks old

The babies must know they're getting older because they're finally starting to put on some pounds...or ounces really. Cooper weighed in at 3lbs 8oz, and Eloise weighed in at 3lbs 2oz. They're also starting to look bigger and like real babies, or closer to full term babies.

Other than the big weight gains, today was another quiet day. So quiet in fact that the nurse made Eloise a little bow and a little bracelet to wear. Mostly she just wore them for a few pictures. :-) Both grammas changed Ella's diapers today...maybe next they'll brave our little "pooper" :-)

Speaking of Coop, he spent much of his day face planted in his bed. Gaining all that weight must've tired him out! Pops and Daddy spent some time holding him this afternoon which I'm sure was a nice treat since he spends so much time with Mama.

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  1. Eloise's bow and bracelet were sooo much fun for her mama and me!! We were giggling, but I'm not sure about Eloise. Her diaper wasn't too dirty, so I'll volunteer any time to do it again!