Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another Thursday update

These babies are so close to the 3lb mark it's killing me!! Cooper was 2lb 13oz, and Eloise was 2lb 12oz today. I wonder which will happen first: they'll hit 3lbs, or they'll turn 1 month old. It's crazy to think that we're almost there for both!

Today was a pretty calm day, the first we've had for both babies in a while. Cooper is just cruising along on the standard cannula. He didn't even try to pull it out of his nose too much today! He is, however, starting to live up to one of his many nicknames. "Pooper" apparently had a very nice present for Daddy to take care of after I'd left the hospital for the day. :-) I'm sure the next one will be mine.

Eloise continues to amaze Jeff and I, and apparently her doctor as well. She spent much of the day, still on the CPap, on room air which is about 21% oxygen. While that doesn't sound like much, it's the first time ever she's been on room air, and not even the doctor expected her to be doing so well. She is still feeling the effects of the steroids, so the doctor did warn us that she could start to need a bit more oxygen once the steroids wear off. Hopefully the fits she's throwing will start to lessen however. Ella and I had a nice kangaroo hold today, at least I thought it was nice. Eloise on the other hand screamed, loudly, for the first 5 minutes. She also screamed anytime the nurse came in to move her. Apparently she's taking after her daddy and his displeasure when it comes to people "bugging" her.

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  1. I can't wait to see all of you tomorrow. If Ella cries it won't bother me and if Cooper poopers that is not a big deal either.