Thursday, July 29, 2010

Could it be that our babies are getting boring again??

With our first full day in the ICC behind us, I feel like I can safely say that our babies could be trending toward boring again. We had a nice quick visit from one of our old nurses and I don't want to put words in her mouth, but she looked really proud to see them in the ICC and doing well. :-)

The doctor made no medical changes to our little Eloise, but she did make another bedding change. :-) Our little piglet (she's 4lbs 4oz today) is now sleeping in her own little criblette! It's just this little mini-crib with tons of blankets and most of the time you can only see her little head, but she looks pretty comfortable. I think it's more weird for us because we can hear all her little grunts now that she's got no walls around her. She also seems to be enjoying her bottle and can get through about half a feed before she falls asleep.

Cooper finally made it to 4lbs today! We're so proud of our little mini-chop and can't wait until he catches up to his sister. The doctor continues to increase his feedings and hopefully he'll get up to full feeds tomorrow. She also dropped his respiratory assistance down to a regular cannula with less pressure than he was receiving. He's been doing well on the standard cannula, but the nurses had to put a sock over his free hand to keep him from pulling it out of his nose. He's also starting to ween out of his isolette so hopefully he'll be in his own criblette in the next few days.

It was a pretty exciting day on the home front today: the baby furniture was delivered and their nursery is all set up! Now we just need to get them bigger and stronger...their cribs are waiting for them! :-)


  1. We are so excited for our visit tomorrow and the bring Gramma Lea and Papa to see their newest great grandchildren. XOXOOXXOXOOX

  2. love that little piglet and her precious brother that is not far behind ... they are well on their way to chubby cheeks and thighs!! :) love the room, and can't wait to see them in it, but really i cant wait to be in it and get to hold them! xoxo