Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another long day

We know there are going to be a lot of them coming up, but there's no real way to prepare for the long hospital days. I guess we should just keep reminding ourselves that this is a marathon, not a sprint?

Eloise was wonderfully quiet today, although she did have a pretty stinky poopy diaper for me. I think she was hoping it was Daddy, not Mommy who was doing the dirty work. :-) She also got a nice long snuggle with Daddy before she spent the rest of her day snoozing.

Cooper spent the day much the same as yesterday. We're starting to see some small improvements although they're not enough for the doctor to say he's turning the corner. She did say, however that he's "thinking about it" and that she felt better about him today than she did yesterday. The antibiotics he's on seem to be helping, and we're going to hope they continue to do so. I do have to say that when we got to the hospital this morning, he was kicking around and flapping his arms and seemed mad as hell to be so sick! He did calm down, however, when Daddy reached into his isolette and contained him...he calmed down so much that he actually fell fast asleep.


  1. We are sending love, prayers, and good thoughts to all of you. The babies must have "twin sense" and know not to have their bad days at the same time. We also hope that you guys can get some sleep so that you are ready for tomorrow and all of the days to come.

  2. We wish we could be there to give you both a hug. I don't think former NICU parents ever forget what this part is like (hint-not fun). When they tell you it is two steps forward and one step back in the NICU, it doesn't mean much until you hit the "one step back" part. With a little rest and all of our prayers, Cooper should soon come around.