Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday's update

With the muggy weather we've been having lately, today was a great day to be stuck inside in the NICU! Both babies also got great reports from the doctor during rounds, so that made the day even better. :-)

Eloise is "responding beautifully" (doctor's words) to the steroids she started yesterday. So beautifully in fact, that throughout the day she was continually weened on her ventilator. It's been the most forward progress she's shown in a week and I think everyone that's worked on her couldn't be happier. She's also now getting the same protein fortified food Coop's getting, so growth wise, she should be catching up to him in no time.

Cooper is still just being Cooper. I think today was the first time in the 3+ weeks they've been in the hospital that the doctor has made no changes to his treatment. The doctor has plans to ween him to a low flow cannula, but she's waiting for him to tell us he's ready. Today was also the first time that Coop's been taken out twice for holding! Usually Jeff and I just pass him off to one another, but today I got him out earlier in the day, then when Jeff got to the hospital, he took him out too.

As most of you know, Jeff and I moved to a new house shortly before the babies were born. Our new next door neighbors were also expecting, and this evening Jeff and I got to meet our newest neighbor! It was strange to hold a full-term baby and compare him to our tiny little preemies. It will be nice once they come home, however, that they'll have a baby playmate right next door.


  1. We're so glad things are going better for Ella. We remember how long the days can be in the NICU. Remember, you will get out of there eventually.
    All our love, Aunt Barb and Uncle Brian

  2. We're following your blog avidly and can't wait to meet Ella and Coop, and to introduce the little cousins (nothing here yet, but we'll keep you posted). We're thinking of you!