Monday, July 19, 2010

A quiet Monday

With all the excitement from the weekend, it was nice for the babies to have a quiet day. The only change of any significance was that now, instead of having their temperatures regulated by their isolettes, the isolettes are at a set temperature and the babies have to warm and cool themselves accordingly. It's just one more step toward getting them home.

Other than that, it was another pretty boring day. Ella proved she not only has her dad wrapped around her finger, but Mommy too. She spent about half an hour fussing and the only way to calm her down was for me to hold her pacifier in her mouth for her, while she stared at me and held onto my finger to make sure I wouldn't go anywhere. I don't think Coop even knew I was there today, although he was wide awake for Daddy.

1 comment:

  1. as i read today's report, i flashed back to when you were a tiny newborn and did the exact same thing to/with me! which i'm sure is what all babies do with their mamas and daddys. then my eyes teared up, so now i have to go