Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another update from "boring land"

It was another day of no changes and very little activity from our little beans. Both babies spent much of the day sleeping, and both got held by Jeff and I. The babies also had a visit from our friend Becky Peterson, and as Jeff was leaving this evening, he ran into another couple of our friends Jereme and Shannon Bates so he brought them up to visit Coop and Ella. Both babies also got a change of clothes today and are actually starting to fill out preemie clothes.

Sorry we're all so boring, but I'm kind of liking having nothing to report!


  1. Boring is okay at this point in your lives but maybe use a word that better describes what is going on. What you are all doing is certainly not boring. We can't wait to see you tomorrow and there will be no boring. XOOXXOOXOXXOXO

  2. Excitement is something we would like to avoid in the NICU. Boring is definitley a positive word around there.