Friday, July 30, 2010

7 weeks old, great grandparents, and a great end to the week

If anyone had told me Monday, that by today we'd be where we are, I wouldn't have believed them. What a day today has been! First and foremost: the babies met their great grandparents today. Gramma Lea and Papa came up for a visit and while I know they were here to meet the twins, Jeff and I were so excited to see them. As someone who's biological grandparents are no longer living, it was so special to see 4 generations together. Both babies were able to come out for holds with everyone today and while I know they can't speak for themselves and choose favorites, Cooper sure enjoyed snuggling with Gramma Lea, and I'm not sure who Eloise preferred more: Papa or Buttons. :-)

Cooper is catching up quickly to his sister, and we couldn't be more proud! He's well past the 4lb mark, at 4lbs 3oz, and he moved to his own criblette! He's still working pretty hard at keeping his temperature up, but if we keep the room warm enough he's a happy little baby. As his feedings continue to increase he's finally lost his IV that he's had for the last week, and hopefully he'll be at full feedings tomorrow.

Eloise is just chugging along. Her feedings will increase at a steady rate as her weight increases 3 times a week, and she's doing well using a bottle for at least 2 feedings a day. Now that both babies are in criblettes, they can come out more frequently for holds, and just general snuggles. Hopefully they'll stay at this "feeder and grower" stage until they come home, which can't happen soon enough! :-)


  1. What a special day. I am so glad that Gramma Lea and Papa were there to hold and snuggle with both the babies. Thanks for the pictures. Keep them coming.

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  3. Hopefully there will be no fear of clowns!