Thursday, July 22, 2010

Updating from around the corner

Today has definitely been a better day. By no means are we out of the woods, but Coop did some good thinking yesterday and he's decided to turn the corner.

Our first indication was when we got to the hospital a little later than the last 2 days and the doctor had not yet rounded. The doctor usually rounds on the sickest babies first, leaving the healthier and more stable babies until later. Apparently she came in, took a look at Coop, checked out his x-ray and labs, and decided she had sicker babies to attend with and she'd be in to see him later. Jeff and I considered that a huge improvement from him being one of the first babies seen for the last 2 days. The doctor isn't the only one that thinks he's doing us he's starting to look like our little boy again. We still need to watch him closely, and keep him sedated so he's calm, but we're hoping he continues to improve and starts to pick up his pace a bit.

Eloise had her second eye exam today and while her eyes are still immature, she's just on the edge of having "normal" eyes. She also had her first official photo shoot today! There was a photographer taking pictures and video of the NICU and the neonatologists for website updates, and Ella and one of her doctors had their photo taken together. She also had a nice snuggle with me while she had her late afternoon feeding.


  1. This is the best news I've had all day. Keep it up.

  2. YAY!!!!! This is a good day and now i hope you all sleep a bit better tonight. When will Miss Eloise be signing autogrpahs??

  3. so very happy that coop-man had a better day today!! can we see the pics from the photo shoot?!? miss y'all, and sending lots of love and healthy thoughts to minneapolis! miss y'all! xoxo

  4. Zoe & Jeff,
    I am so glad to hear that the babies continue to improve and get stronger. I hope you two are able to get some rest during this busy and stressful time. Sending healing thoughts and love up to Mnpls, Katie and Andrew Bateman (Keeli's cousin)